NOPT042 Constraint programming

In the tutorial we will be modeling constraint problems in the logic-based multi-paradigm language Picat (Pattern-matching, Intuitive, Constraints, Actors, Tabling).

Tutorial schedule

Before the first tutorial

1st tutorial (Sep 30)

2nd tutorial (Oct 7)

3rd tutorial (Oct 14)

4th tutorial (Oct 21)

5th tutorial (Nov 4)

6th tutorial (Nov 11)

7th tutorial (Nov 18)

8th tutorial (Nov 25 )

9th tutorial (Dec 2)

10th tutorial (Dec 9)

11th tutorial (Dec 16)

12th tutorial (Jan 6)


Credit requirements

There will be 12 homework assignments each of which is worth 1 point. In order to get the credit, you must gain at least 8 points, out of which at least 4 points must be from the second half of the semester (assignments 7-). Expect increasing complexity of the assignments as the semester progresses. There will be an additional option to get at most 4 points after the end of classes for solving somewhat harder problems.

The solutions to the homework assignments must be 100% your own work. Do not discuss them with anyone but me, do not search for solutions on the internet, and do not share your code.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)