NOPT059 Large-scale optimization: Exact methods

The course is taught bi-yearly (in odd-numbered years), alternating with the course NOPT061 Large-scale optimization: Metaheuristics.

The course will be scheduled in the beginning of the semester (probably during the first week). If you are interested, please email me your time constraints.

About this course

The aim of course is to introduce the main principles of various exact optimization methods based on linear programming and combinatorial optimization with emphasis on large-scale instances. Moreover, during the accompanying tutorial you will gain experience in applying these methods in practice.

We expect you to be somewhat familiar with linear programming. Although certainly not necessary, a recommended prerequisite is the course NOPT048 Linear programming and combinatorial optimization.

Tentative schedule


Exam requirements

The exam is oral with written preparation. Requirements for the exam correspond to the syllabus of the course in the extent that has been covered in the lecture. Obtaining the credit from the tutorial is a necessary requirement for taking the exam.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)